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The Fiji Foundation is an all-volunteer organization. During our 2024 mission, our volunteer Midwives and Doulas from the U.S. will touch the lives of literally hundreds of local midwives working in the frontier settings in the South Pacific. Collaborating together giving of ourselves freely, and frequently we will be teaching, training, and working with the Fijian, midwives, nurses, and healthcare providers in unfamiliar hot and humid conditions. Not only do these generous volunteer midwives give of themselves but also pay for their travel and expenses.



Please make your tax-deductible payment to “ Fiji Foundation”

Want to join our efforts but not sure where to lend your support. 

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         Provides basic training for 3 future Doulas

           Provides training basic training for 5 future Midwives in training

           Provides basic midwifery / medical supplies for a rural nursing station triage box

           Funds for sponsoring 1 of our volunteers Doula / Midwifery to provide basic and advanced training for the 2 week's mission

            Funds to sponsor a volunteer and train 25 Fijian providers

              Sponsor a volunteer and provide training for 50 Fijian providers

              Replenishes consumable birthing supplies for a midwifery / Doula mission trip for 10 Fijian Midwives

              Funds for Midwifery instruments and supplies 20 Fijian Midwives

               Sponsor a volunteer for 2 weeks who will provide training for over 250 Fijian Midwives and doulas on 2 individual islands

               Funds shipment of a container of library books, midwifery, Doula, Childbirth Educational materials birthing medical surgical supplies

                 Funds for Prenatal - Maternity Care, Health Clinics and Birth Center



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The Leadership Team

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The Volunteer Team



Doula & Midwives Mission Trip

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The Video Crew




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